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Discussion and action on sustainability with the I THINK program at SJSU

Welcome to Spring 2010! February 11, 2010

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The Environmental Club at San Jose State University is in the process of being recognized for the Spring 2010 semester. As we should be recognized by the end of the month we have been thinking about what we want to do to help educate and motivate the campus community to engage in environmental activism.

We hope to participate in San Jose State University annual Sustainability week and Earth Day, which will take place April 19 thought April 22. We will be showing a documentary on ocean or fishing issues facing us today as well as educating about the excess of plastic build up in the ocean. We hope to discourage use of plastics by offering alternatives, such as using a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic disposable one. For Earth Day we hope to build a scaled model of the mass of plastic that currently resides in the pacific ocean, this mass disrupts the normal flora and fauna in the ocean, causing sea animals, fish as well as birds, to unknowingly consume tiny bits of plastic. The plastic is both bad for the animals as it lacks nutritional value but also causes harm up the food system, as humans consume such fish. This issue affects both the health of our oceans as well as the health of humans.

As an organization we also like to participate in community service and recreational activities. We have an upcoming workday with Veggielution, not to mention various other organizations. We also hope to do hikes, movie nights, just to name a few. We should have an active calendar up on our website very soon.

The best way to fallow us is on facebook, we are listed as Ec Sj. Please add us as a friend.

Feel free to email with any questions you may have and we hope to see you at our weekly meetings.

Julia Kamoroff


Campus Sustainability Strategy Meeting September 10, 2007

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Dear SJSU Students, Staff, Faculty, and Administrators,

Millions of students, staff, faculty, and administrators in colleges and universities across the country are awakening to the environmental impacts that our institutions have on the world. With issues such as climate change, waste management, and our food system becoming increasingly important, it is vital that universities take a lead role in developing sustainable practices. With almost 30,000 students, SJSU has the opportunity to become a leader in sustainability in the Silicon Valley and California.

We stand at a critical point in time in the sustainability movement on college and university campuses. College campuses across the nation are linking teaching, research, and campus engagement to focus on sustainability. At SJSU energy for change abounds, but it lacks focus. We need to create a collaborative framework for implementing change on our campus.

Please join us for a Campus Sustainability Strategy Meeting on Sep 12, 2007, 5:30p to 7:00p. We will discuss the state of campus sustainability, current progress at SJSU, and where we should go from here. The meeting will have an interactive format, so be prepared to share your ideas and opinions.

What: Campus Sustainability Strategy Meeting
Where: Guadalupe Rm, Student Union
When: Sep 12, 2007, 5:30p to 7:00p


Julia Kamoroff
VP, Environmental Club

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”


E-Waste Flyer April 25, 2007

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We need help distributing the E-Waste flyer and getting the word out!  We need people to post these on campus, at your work, church, or anywhere that people will see it.

Here is the flyer: earthcare_sjsu.pdf


E-Waste Recycling Drive April 20, 2007

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The E-Waste recycling drive is here!  The Event will be held Saturday April 28th, in the parking lot on the East side of Campus. 

Click here for a list of the items we will accept.  This event is open to the public, and all residents and businesses are welcome to participate. 

 Questions?  Email us at info@sjsuenvclub.org.  See you there!


Organic Food is Here! March 16, 2007

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Organic items are now available in the Market Café and the Dining Commons! As sales prove their popularity, the selection will be expanded. These items will be purchased from local farms as much as possible, adding even more environmental and social benefits to our community.

Because SJSU is a large food purchaser, we can make a difference by expanding the market for local and organic food. This means healthier food for us, fewer toxins in our environment, healthier farm workers, and less pollution from transportation.

Spread the word by announcing this to your classes and talking to your colleagues. And of course, please show your support by purchasing some organic food. Let’s make organic food a success at SJSU!

Thank you to James Whinery, Spartan Dining Assistant Director, and Jay Marshall, Executive Chef, for their amazing level of support for this project.

-Amie Frisch
Director, Environmental Resource Center


New fruit choices a possibility at cafe February 24, 2007

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Spartan Daily, Issue date: 2/15/07, Section: News

Carla Mancebo

Media Credit: Stephania Bednar

Naturally fertilized, chemical-free fresh fruit products grown on socially responsible farms will soon take up positions alongside conventionally farmed apples at San Jose State University’s cafeteria, Environmental Resource Center Director Amie Frisch, revealed last week.



Welcome to the new Environmental Club website!! February 22, 2007

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This blog format will allow us to more easily post club updates and info for you pleasure!