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Organic Food is Here! March 16, 2007

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Organic items are now available in the Market Café and the Dining Commons! As sales prove their popularity, the selection will be expanded. These items will be purchased from local farms as much as possible, adding even more environmental and social benefits to our community.

Because SJSU is a large food purchaser, we can make a difference by expanding the market for local and organic food. This means healthier food for us, fewer toxins in our environment, healthier farm workers, and less pollution from transportation.

Spread the word by announcing this to your classes and talking to your colleagues. And of course, please show your support by purchasing some organic food. Let’s make organic food a success at SJSU!

Thank you to James Whinery, Spartan Dining Assistant Director, and Jay Marshall, Executive Chef, for their amazing level of support for this project.

-Amie Frisch
Director, Environmental Resource Center


2 Responses to “Organic Food is Here!”

  1. caliginousface Says:

    Yeah it is! Danielle Kishygirl and I enjoyed some delicious kiwi’s today!

  2. curvilinear Says:

    Curvilinear says : I absolutely agree with this !

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