Environmental Club in San Jose

Discussion and action on sustainability with the I THINK program at SJSU

Minutes Archive October 11, 2009


-This semester?

Awards Banquet
-Dead Day

New Officers for Next Fall
-Vice President
-PR Chair
-Member Officer
–Metal Dan

-May 19th AMGEN Tour
–Swap Meet
-Bike Party is the week from next Friday

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-How did you get involved with the Environmental Club?

-Moved to next week

Environmental Club
–Earth Day

Santa Clara Activists for Animals
-Outreach to people about animal use in society
-Meet twice a month
-Internet is a great
-Video Footage of inside animal farms
–Veal Farms in CA
—The footage of animal treatment
–Pig Farms
–Chicken Farms
–Prop 2
—Animals must have cages to move around
-Vegan Food
–Farm workers must have a chance to drink water
–Choices are important in food
-Do events with us

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A. Camping
i. You can pay Evelyn after the trip, if you have little cash.
B. Earth Day
i. End up talking to everyone. Still have 60 water bottles.
ii. Hard copy of information (plastic bottles)
iii. People were interested in the topics.
iv. 15 people showed up for The Cove.
v. Visual pledges were signed.
C. Elections
i. Officer elections will consists of the positions for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, PR Chair, and Membership Officer. If interested in any of these positions or if you want to nominate someone, contact Julia at JKamoroff@yahoo.com
ii. Brief description of the role of each officer: President—runs meetings and works with VP to run the organization. Vice President—helps out the President and takes over meetings if the President is absent. Treasurer—manages finances and works on A.S. Financial packet. Secretary—takes notes and sends out reminders of tasks. PR Chair—promotes events and updates events. Membership Officer—works on methods of recruitment and keeps a record of members who have put in time for our organization.
iii. Elections will take place next week.
D. Announcements
i. Drag show is this upcoming Thursday (4/29) in the Morris Daily Auditorium. Tickets are $5 if you are in drag or $7 if you are not dressed up. If you want to buy tickets earlier go to table 4 outside the student union.
ii. Quidditch Club has 3 more practices left. Practices are on Friday from 4:30 PM-6 PM on the A.S. Lawn.
iii. Erica is planning a camping trip in June. Keep your schedule open.

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-What are you excited for next week?

–Pay Eve, treasurer, by next Thursday
–Just tell her
–Angelique between 7-8pm
–Julia at 6pm
–Kerry possible driver
–Dan driver on Saturday
–Camping Stove
—4 Erica
—5 Julian
—6 person tent Joe
—4 person tent Angelique
—Julian and Erica
–Bring your own toothbrush, utensils, and sleeping bag

The Cove
-Japanese Dolphin Fishing documentary
-A projector needed
–Thursday at 12pm

Earth Day
-Thursday 7th St 10a-2p
-Give out canteens
–Pledge to use the canteen and take a photo
—Mosaic photo
–Dylan will be taking the pictures
–Two people at a time
–The night before 7pm Wednesday on 7th St
-Drag Show
–Thursday 8pm
–April 29th
-Our City Forest
–This Saturday 9-12pm
–14th and Washington
-Young and in Politics 3
–Wednesday at 5:30pm
–Ohlone Room

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-Where did you hear about this club?
-Why do you care about the environment?

Environmental Club
-Five years
-Educate students about how to be sustainable in their everyday life
-Focus on ocean’s stability
-Earth Day on April 22
–Showing The Cove
—Dolphin fishing in Japanese
–Pledge and Picture

Bike a thon
-Julia raised $100 for the club!
-Good idea for Fundraiser
-$20 for Julia made t-shirt

SJSU Recycles Day
-Last semester’s points

-April 25th- April 26th
-Camp next to beach
-Deadline next week for $20

Our City Forest
-April 17th
-Community Planting
–Washington and 14th
-Just Show up and help

Earth Day/ Sustainability Week to do list
-Chalking on 7th St
–The night before the Earth Day
–Ocean drawing on the floor
-Pledge Writing
–Come up with the pledge
–I will use this instead of plastic water bottles
-Tabling the week before for the Earth Day
–E-mail reminder
–Table with ERC
–Yay, for friends!
–Dan will take care of it
–Info about sushi, fishing, etc
-Hanging up Flyers
–In your classrooms and stuff
–Present in your classes about the event
-Dress up
–Captain Planet
–Trash Monster
–Goddess Gaya

Clothing Swap
-Bring your clothes
–For exchange for another piece of clothing
-Bring clothes next meeting

-Next Week is AS elections
–Cathy Bui is running for Director for Environmental and Community Affairs

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This meeting was a banner making event for Earth Day, which is on April 22 during sustainability week.

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Updates/ Reminders
-March 21st Park Clean Up
–Williams and 16th from 10a-1p
–Bring Dirty Friends
-Free Veggies
–Free Veggie Burgers at 9am
-Movie Night on 18th
–Around 7pm
–Bring Sustainable Food
–Baby Kittens
–Food Inc
-Village Harvest
–Saturday 13th at 9-1p at the Eden neighborhood
–Pick Stranger’s Fruit Trees
–Possibility of Moving date
-Camping Trip April 23rd to 25th
–$20 for the trip
–Pay anytime before the week before the actual trip

Tasks for Earth Day/ SUS Week
-Main Event of the semester
-Week of April the 23rd
-Giving out reusable canteens
-Focus on the Ocean plastic intake
-Picture with a pledge when they get a canteen
–Picture Mosaic
-Presentation of the Pacific Gyre
–A tub of water with whales and small little person
–Chalk it out
—With Facts of the Plastic in the ocean
-Task to find facts of the Gyre
-Banner making meeting
–Next Week just fun
-Task to make reusable bag from plastic

Centre Run
-Pledge Letters
–Will be coming soon
-Pledge Postcards
–Will come soon
The Cove Showing
-The Cove on the April 21st
–Room in Student Union
-8:45 Showing Wednesday at the International House

Info on E-Waste
-Past Wednesday Retreat
-Our need of new technology
–Where does the old technology go?
—E-Waste goes to China or India
—Then to 3rd world countries and the technology is useless
—The technology is turned to unsustainable waste causing polluted ground

Recruitment Update
-Class Presentations
–Choose the environmental studies class you want to present in
—List will be sent out

-March 22nd March in March
–Buses will be provided by AS
–Volunteers are needed
–Fight for Higher Education

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-The most exciting moment of March 4th

Upcoming Events
-Park Clean Up
–Sunday March 21st
-Financial Packet Approved
–We are getting Water Bottles!
-Current Moves
–They were part of Earth Day last year
–They will be returning this year!
-Village Harvest
–March 14th going to Mountain View
-Fundraiser Ride
–30, 60, and 100 mile ride
–Make T-shirts
–Get pledges per mile or a certain amount

-Eat like an apple or prepare it?

Club Activity
-Class Presentation Workshop
–Point out that we want to educate and push forward sustainability ideas
–Active for 4 years
–Ask Questions to engage your audience
-Next Week flyers will headed out to us

-Next Week is Trans-awareness week
–Next Thursday at the university room
—Very popular transwoman will speaking and a cabaret

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-What are you excited about?

Upcoming Activities
-Park Clean Up
–March 21st at 10am-1pm?
–Erica will bring sticks
–Bring dirty clothes and something you do not mind getting dirty
–It is Fun
-Wednesday Office of Sustainability
–Conference on Wednesday
–We are representing the students
-Animal Rights Group on Campus
–March 17th or 22nd free veggie burger
-Movie Night on March 18th
–At Julia’s house
-Sustainability Week
–Financial Packet is in
–Photo Mosaic of the pledge for the Water Bottle
–Joint Event with movie 12-2pm of the Cove

Old Business/ Updates
–Sunset Beach
–$20 per person
–March 23rd-25th

Club Activity
-Unhappy with Campus unsustainable activities?
–Come up with one
—Cigarette Butt on the ground
—-Banning smoking on campus
—Sprinklers on Campus
—-Regulate the system
—Student Union still using plastic
—Mixed Paper Waste Can in more classrooms
—More Bike Racks on Campus
—Slutty Paper Printer in the print shop
—Food Waste in DC
—Jamba Juice Foam Cups

-If you bring a new person next meeting, then you will get a prize

-Hybrid Engine
–How it differs from Honda and Toyota engine?
–The engine is made to move people on the road
–The flywheel is the energy of the motor
–The motor wants to move faster it gets horny

-The Climate Project
–This event is brought to you by the ERC, an opportunity to hear more about the Climate Project and their work
–After Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
-Coffee Night at the International House
–8:45-10pm every Tuesday
–360 S 11th St

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Upcoming Events
-String Up Plastic Bottles
–Feb. 28 10a-2p
–At 220 N 13th
-Tap V. Bottle Water taste test
–10a-2p on Feb 25th
-March 3rd Environmental Justice
–Representing the Club
–Time and Place to be announce
-Village Harvest
–March 14th in Mountain View at 9am
–Pick fruits and vegetables in urban areas
-Movie Night on March 18th at Julia’s
–Bring Sustainable Snacks

Camping Trip?
-Later in April
–Weekend after Sustainability Week
-Campsites Possibilities
–China Camp in Marsh Land
—$35 a night
–Samuel P
—$15 person
—Minimum of nine people
–More Campsites to be research

Earth Day/Sustainability Week
-Stainless Steel water bottles
–Logo printed on the bottle
–Pledge Photo Mosaic

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-Favorite Moment with Julian

Sustainability Week/Earth Day
–Movie to be shown, Jackie
—The Cove
—12-2pm the Thursday in sustainability week
–Water Bottle, Dan
—Sub Zero
–Sticker vendor, Cathy
—Better than last year’s vendor
–The relative size and dimensions of the Pacific Gyre, Dan
—Not a mass, really thin mass of top of the surface of the ocean
—-Twice the size of Texas, 15 mil square miles
—Collect plastic, clean is preferred.
–Giving away Canteens
–Brochures from professional sources, Erica
—Focus on water information
–Sign on a big poster
—To remember they signed a pledge
—Pledge is to use less plastic…something on like that

Movie Night
-Place possibly BP or Julia
-Possible Movies
–Food Inc@!@!#!$!%$^(*)@!
–Bicycle Dreams
–Age of the Stupid
-Sunday Evening

Camping Trip
-Weekend after or before spring break
–29TH to 4th spring break
-Possible camping trip time
–26th to 29th or 2nd to 4th
-Possible areas looked up by Eve

–Organize with the Centre ride
–Make it big!
—Make t-shirts
—Get sponsors
—Liability of our problems during the ride, Julian
-Moved for more discussion to next week

-Flyering next Friday
-Design the flyer by next Thursday

Upcoming Events
-Veggielution February 13th this Saturday
–Farmer Market set up
–Bike Ride, 10pm meet at events center

ERC Banner
-We need to actually make the two banners for ERC
April 10th
-By the 5th of April

-Muggle Quidditch Club
–Wednesday March 17th
–Building BB 106
-Queer Prom
–March 25th in the University Room
-Stringing the bottles for the “bottle drapes” for the Trashion Show
–February 28, from 10am to 2pm at Julia’s house, 220 and 13th St.
-Tap vs. Bottled, taste test! Get students and faculty to do a blind test on which is better?
–Table 6 in front of Student Union on 2/23 between 10am and 2pm.

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-What is your favorite class this semester?

-Process to be recognized this semester
–Hopefully before the end of the month
-In the past, we raised awareness on trash sustainability and organic fruit
-Focus this semester on fish and waste

Officer Elections
-Vice President
—By default, winner
-PR Chair
—He is in
-Outreach Coordinator
—Dropped out
—By default, winner

Sustainability Week
-April 19-22
–Week long events with movies shown, lectures, and stuff
-April 22/ Earth Day!
–Show The Cove (1:32), Sharkwater (1:29), and The Age of Stupid (1:32)
–Scale model of the Pacific Gyro
–Fish see it as a coral reef
—Bad for them because they eat more plastic instead of food
–Collect plastic for the model bring to every meeting
—Maybe to give out but with a pledge or wheel of stuff
–Interactive Games
—Maybe use for canteens
–Design a logo for Event
—Deadline to come up soon
—Get from outside organization to get sources that are more reliable
–Plastic Dome!

Upcoming Events
-Veggielution on February 13th
–An organization that started a garden on
–Starting a small scale farmers Market
–Times 10-12pm or 1-3pm
–Bike ride to the Emma Pursch
-The BUG “the broncos urban garden”
-Our City Forest
–Planning trees in Community
—Become a tree amigo!
–April 17th 9-12pm Saturday
-Village Harvest
–Palo Alto or Mountain View or San Jose
–March 14th Sunday 9 to 12, possibly
-Sunday’s Morning Bike ride to Campbell’s Farm Market
-Talk to Erica for more info

–Go door to door to ask for money for each mile you bike…use bike party
-Bowling Marathon

-15 points for a new member you bring in
-March 1st Bowling Marathon
–To get garden on campus
–Meeting Wednesday 7-8pm

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Club Overview
-Educate students to be more sustainable in life
–Example Reusable water bottles
-Get the right message out there
-Status of the Club
–In Limbo

Spring 10 Plans
-Sustainability Week!!!
–Week long event to inform students about volunteer opportunities in Environmental stuff
–Keynote speaker, Mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reid
-Earth Day 4/20/10
–Scaled model of the pacific gyre
–Give out Reusable bags
–Ideas for model
—Throw trash in the model
–Fish Awareness
—To consume the ok fish…not over fished fish
—Website http://www.monteraybayaquarium.org
–Documentary about fish
—The Cove
–Swap meet clothing exchange
—ERC will take that on

New Business: Officers
-Positions to be filled
–Vice President
–Outreach Coordinator
–PR Chair
-President Julia
-Secretary Herl
-Members Officers Daniel
-PR Chair?
-Treasurer Evelyn
-Outreach Coordinator Erica?

Next Week
-Next Meeting voting
-Committees split
-Fundraiser ideas to be discussed
-Calendar will posted somewhere
-Bike Ride at 10am from Events center to Campbell
-February 13 at 10am at Veggielution

-San Jose State University retired professor Frank Schiavo died on Tuesday
–An amazing human being that pioneered the environmental movement
-Sharks Game
–April 10th at 7:30
-Greens Festival in coming back to San Francisco
–Volunteers get in for free
–March 15th
-Bike to School days
–February 15th
-Disneyland is giving out free tickets for volunteers

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-How was your thanksgiving?


-Will be on Dead Day “Wednesday” at noon


Planning for next semester

-Sustainable seafood

–Fighting whaling

-Goods exchange

–Swap Meet

-Earth Day

-Visual Representation of the people against certain issue

-Visual Representation of the Pacific Guiro

-“Food Ink” presentation

-Zorb -Plastic orb

-Sierra Club will have wetlands restoration in March

-Park Clean Up

–To keep we must do 1 clean up each month

–We can get together with another org to get more help

-Better Advertisement


–Flyering earlier

–People in costumes to get attention

-People doing other activities


–Our City Forest

-Meeting time the same next semester

AD 19/21 Candidates Forum

-Rich Gordon

–Community Leader

–Openly Gay

–Very Passionate but without education

-Yuri Hishamoto


Officer Place

-Erica will not be able to be the Outreach Coordinator

-If you are interested in the position, e-mail Julia jkamoroff@yahoo.com


-International Students Coalition

–Serve club that will be doing lots of international community work

–Next Monday and Tuesday

—At 2-7pm Clark Hall fish bowl every hour

–Financial Aid program to help people that are not able to pay

-ERC needs help

–Quote Theme and Logo

—It’s contest

–Biggest Event of all year

—Possible Concert!!!!!

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-Call of the Wind


-Compost Bin Raffle

-Member Points

–Next Meeting would be last meeting of the semester.

-Voting for the Officer of the semester

-Monthly Park Clean Up

–This Sunday

–Brings Friend to help clean


–SJSU Recycles Day was more organize than Sustainable food day

–No much publicity because of the other events

–Signage is crap at the BBQ pits

–Sustainable Food Day inform volunteers more

–Mission Statement was not given out

–Tying the vendors together

—Vendors backed out because not much publicity

–Flyers need to get out there

–Next time do classroom presentations

–Large success with Vendors on Recycles Day

–Dirt Cups awesome!

–Visual Display members should explain the game

Spring 2010

-Sustainablity Week next Semester!

-Clothes exchange

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-Name one way you could be more sustainable

–Everyone is learning today

Updates from Chico and Sustainable Matters-Food Panel

-Chico Sustainability Conference

–Chico State is very sustainable campus

–Composting Workshop

—Learned how make compost with or without worms

–Learned about BPA

—Getting from plastic and receipts


–Paul Watson was there

—His quote “there are more people that die from ostriches attack than shark attacks”


-Since we have been still meeting on campus, planning an event, and putting up flyers, we are now on watch by student services

-We now must call ourselves at the Green A Palooza “volunteers for ERC”

-Julia would be sending a letter to media outlets for the stupid rules about against meeting and organizing

-Just don’t call Environmental Club, Environmental Club

Tabling Rules

-Sustainable Food Day

–Set Up

–Handing out seeds with pamphlets about organic gardening

–Food Tasting

—We have organic and inorganic fruits

–BBQ Crew

—We need people to do the cooking

—Free food for volunteers

—Jackie will be getting the fake meat

–Clean Up

-Recycles Day

–Set Up

–Dirt Cups

—We be making dirt cups with pudding and gummy worms

–Pledge Team

—Pledging people to be more sustainable

Member of Month

-Emily Knight!

Flyering Designating

-Flyers are ready


-Monday Tree Planting

–Free Breakfast


-Green Festival in San Francisco

–Cost about $12-$15 for students

–At the Concord Center


-Save the Waves

–Film Festival

—Killing of Dolphins at Japan and Denmark…sad

–Friday November 13th

–Waves are important

-Trip to Snow

–January 15th- 18th

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-What’s your name?


-We want button designs!!!

-Tree for interactive game is bought!

-Compost is composting


–Soy Ink being used so the design might be off

-Park Clean Up

–The day for park will be which from either Saturday or Sunday

–The next Park Clean Up on November 21st at 1pm

Banner Making Today!

Member of the Month!

-Emily Knight


-Invisible Children

–Tonight at 7pm in CVB RAC

-Democratic Caucus FUNdraiser!

–Smoke Eaters at 7-11pm



-Service and Meditation club

–Relaxing Exercise

–Stress is demand is more than capacity

–Take away energy, angry, fear, anxiety, and addiction

—Time is wasted as we dwell on those emotions

–Common theme of these emotions is the future

–“Power of now”

—We can change the now but not the future

–Meet every week on Thursday around campus

–More info sjsuyoga@gmail.com


-Banner making today!

-T-Shirt and Flyer Design Vote

–Endangered Species Design

–Three symbols for each day design

—Endangered Species Design Won!

-Button Design Need by Next week!


-Sustainable Supply chains-The Business Imperative

–Presented by Global Studies Club

–Dr. Arvinder P.S. Loomba will speak to the Global Studies Club regarding the paradoxes of green supply chain managements and possible innovation strategies. He is an expert in global issues, ranging from off shoring to supply chain management focused on Southeast Asia. A man with considerable experience in advising for Supply chain operations in USA, Korea, India, Japan, and China, he is a must see! For anyone interested in understanding business and culture in the Pacific Rim.

–On Nov. 3 at 1:45pm in the Pacheco Room

–More info gsc.sjsu@gmail.com

-Gulf Coast City Project Sleep Out

–Sleep out in tents

–Thursday Nov. 12

–Presentations for unemployment around at 7-9pm

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-If you were hot dog, would you eat yourself?

Old Business

-Park Clean Up and Oktoberfest Ride

–Not a lot trash found because of the rain

–Trash collected at the downed log at the end of the river

—We contacted Water District

–We will start advertising more for the park clean-up to get more people there

–Next one clean up to be announced

-Bag Making Party

–Went well

–There were 26 bags

-Safe and Green Halloween 10/23/09

–Where does the waste go?

—List of waste and kids decide where it goes

–Bag decoration

Green A Palooze

-Three-day event from Nov. 17-19

–Bike to school Day

–Sustainable Food Day

–SJSU Recycles Day


–Design is being decided

–It will be voted on possibly next week

–Price estimate to come


–Design will be decided eventually


–Next week banner making party during the meeting

–It’s a party bring some snacks and scissors!

–Need help reserving advertising spot


–Committee will ask for help if needed

-Compost Workshop

–Someone is needed to set up an agenda for workshop

–Compost helps reduce land waste

–Visiting club from Chico State

—Will be having a video coming up for composting

—They believe that composting is best way to reduce their carbon-foot print

Chico State

-They have very sustainable program an their campus

-Student-Run programs and they do their own shit!

-Environmental Groups

–AS Sustainability Program

–Environmental Action and Resource Center

–Net Impact

-More questions ask Zach for the info


-Eve Turned 21!

-International day of Action this Sunday

–www.350.com for more info

-Green Fest


–Three-Day Festival free if you volunteer but register early

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-Guess Song Name Game

Old Business

-Bike to School

–Went well

–60-80 hotdogs including soy dogs

–Free Tune Ups

–Lots of people

–Zach had many different interesting conversations

-Bag Making Party


–Saturday at Beauty Palace

-Park Clean Up

–Williams St Park at 1pm

–3pm Meet at the Fountain by the Events Center for our own Bike Party

—Route will be sent out later

–Bring Food

-Safe and Green Halloween


—Corn Hole

—Emily’s Game…?

–Reusable Bags for Kids to decorate

–Facebook Event will be made


-Visual Display

–Tree of Knowledge

—Oranges and Apples

–Get the Tree from the person

–Display Creation with info

–Compost Bin is being made as we speak

—Give away the awesome compost dirt!


–The seeds are needed

–Giving away reusable bags?

–Purchases will be paid back

–Trader Joe is being contacted for donation of a nice compost bin

–Looking for T-shirt vendor

—Andres is trying to get a silk screen maker to make it for himself for cheaper

—Slutty Paper Campaign T-Shirts but maybe for next semester

—Savers T-Shirts for fitted tees

—-Design is coming from Dylan and Zach


–Still Contacting Vendors

–Composting Workshop by the city


–List will come


–Banners will be made in club time

–Class Presentations


-Every Thursday at 5pm at Mosaic Free Pizza!

-Delta Gamma all next week

–Tuesday is the most beautiful eyes

–Thursday Lip singing

–More Info Facebook Kerry!

-Bowling for Breast Cancer research

–Friday October 30th

-Most Hilarious Debate

–1:30pm-2:30pm Almaden Room



-How are you doing?

Keeping cool at SJSU

-Bike to School Day Thursday October 15/ Eco-Print Challenge (http://sjsu.edu/myfootprint/)

–Ecofoot-Print Quiz this week went fabulously

—To help out announce it class to arrive to the goal of 3,000 students

—Raffle for free folding bike and other things at Bike Repair class

–Thursday Oct 15: Bike ride to Japan town BBQ at noon ride from 1-2pm

-Clean Up and Ride (Erica)

–October 18th meeting 1pm for the Park Clean Up

–At 3 o’clock meet at the events center for Bike Ride

—Guadalupe Bike Trail ending at 6pm

-SOS Clean Up (Contact Andres (408) 832-3695).

–Beach Clean Up at Santa Cruz

—Meet at 9am by the 10th St Garage

—BBQ afterwards with $5 donations

If you are interested please contact Tara Martinez (sjsu.service@salhonors.org) or Mariah Martinez (sjsu.membership@salhonors.org) and if you can drive or need to carpool.

Safe and Green 10/23/09 at 2:30-5:30pm

Contact: yanyinchoy@yahoo.com if interested in volunteering

Elementary Presentation

–Make thirty trick or treat bags for the kids to decorate

—Bag Making Party at Eve’s House a.k.a. “Beauty Palace” at Oct 17 11am-2pm

—-Address 131 S 15th St

–Environmental Game Brainstorm

—Corn Hole Game

—-Two holes for either trash and recycles then the child decide which bean bag goes where

—Bottle Bowling

—Child Public Art

—Guessing where does trash go game

—Henna Decorations on Children

—Say a word then let the kids run to right place game

Green-A-Palooza Committee Update

-Vendor Committee

–Struggle with update

–Water district is a no

–San Jose Conversation Corp

—Yes but only need a staffer

–Green Waste


-Marketing Committee

–Need t-shirt and Flyer Design

–The club will make the banners

–Classroom Presentation

-Visual Committee

–Use an old fake Palm tree

–We also have the balls hanging from tree

–Three different ways where the fruit will go through when thrown away

-Finance Committee

–Calling for donations

–We want seeds for sustainable food

–Trader Joe’s donation for organic and inorganic food for taste test

–Nice and fairly cheap compost bin

–Buttons and worms in dirt really good

Next Meeting location TBA

Not meeting in Building BB

We will e-mail the location of next meeting


-Next Week is Week of Action

–Legacy Week

—Next Next Monday community tour

-SQE week of action

–Monday first event of week

—To promote AB 656 the author Alberto Torrico, Lt. Governor John Garamendi

–Thursday second event of week

—Phone calling and open microphone

-Oct. 15 at the statues will be open Microphone

–South East Pacific affect of earthquakes and hurricanes

-Coming Out week

–Coming Out Parade Wednesday 2-3pm

–Ally event Oct. 15

—5-6pm at Pacifica Room in Student Union

-Alternative Spring Week

–Two Weeks then Applications due

–Community Action page at SJSU website

Be Our Friend on Facebook, Ec Sjsu

Visit our websites http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sjsuenvclub-discuss/ and https://sjsuenvclub.wordpress.com/



What does the Environmental Club mean to you?

Dates on Earth

-Eco-foot print Challenge (Zach)

–Next Week of Oct.5 Begins and Next week to end of October

–A quiz that measures the amount of energy you

–Spring test given out again

–At the end people who have took quiz will be put into some type of raffle

–More info at sjsu.edu/myfootprint/

–Help sign up from 9am-1pm on Monday to Friday at the Student Union

-Bike share Panel 10/9

–Next Friday 12pm-1pm

–Raffle for free fold up bike!

-Bike skills class (Jennifer.gorospe@students.sjsu.end)

–Have bicycle and law knowledge

-Safe and Green Halloween 10/23 (2-5pm)

–Communivercity San Jose event

–To serve at risk communities

–Goal to collect 2,000 costumes but only have 14 now

–Host a reusable bag-making workshop, they would provide materials

–Friday October 23rd 2-5pm

–5-12 year old kids

–Maybe a game would be easier for kids, possible green game?

-Bike to School (Amalia)

–12pm or 1pm to William Street Park

–October 15

–Tabling from lots of vendors

–Limited free BBQ after the bike ride

-William Street Park Clean Up

–Sunday October 18th

–1pm-2: 30 pm

–3pm the bike ride would meet at the fountain by the events

Member of the Month!

-Recognized Members

–Brian Cramer

–Andres Flowers

–Allison Fivecoat

-Member of the Month

–Dylan Crutchfield


-Bag Making party

–Make it for the holiday

–Possible day in the first week of November

-Environmental Club Calendar

–Pictures from EC for the calender

–Send photos from your own collection

–Real photos from our events

Our Situation

-We are not recognized club on campus

-We are safe for the events

-Fundraisers are needed but help from ERC

-In spring we will be the appealing for recognition

-But use 3,000 dollars for Big Ass Earth DAY for spring ‘10!

What is GAP? Green-a-palozza

-Three-day event in Nov. 17-19

–First Day is Sustainable food day

–Second Day is SJSU Recycles Day

–Third Day is Bike to School Day

Committees Updates

-Financial committee is focusing on what we need for event

-Visual Display committee

–Paper Mache tree, old Christmas tree for base

–Interactive Fruit, the journey it goes through

-Marketing Committee

–Class presentations

–Memorable Flyers

–Banner Making Party

–T-shirts made for event

-Vendors Committee

–Organizations will be e-mailed again

—Workshops for sustainability


-Clean Up Santa Cruz

–October 17, 2009 Meet at the 10th St parking lot second at 9am

-Week of October 12 is Coming out week

–Parade October 14th

–Allies come out on October 15th to Pacifica Room to play games

-Tsunami help from World food program

-October 12th Alberto Torrico Event at 11:00am-1pm at University Room

–Majority Leader Alberto Torrico would promote AB 656, which is an oil severance tax for higher education

Minutes will now be sent to our WordPress site and ERC forum

https://sjsuenvclub.wordpress.com/ and http://www.erc.thinkhost.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=23&sid=6484720c66d8453eddb5f06053fd6986

Be our friend on Facebook, Ec Sjsu

Check out our websites!


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